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Written Monday about the weekend

I had one hell of a weekend and this is the worst Monday ever!

Friday started at 4pm with a hair appointment at Rocco Altobelli. Jay colored my hair as per usual. That man is seriously my soul mate stylist. Its unreal how much we have in common, maybe it has something to do with the fact that we were both born on July 11. So, I got my hair colored a bright reddish orange. It's pretty much the same color I've had since June. Red just seems to work with me. I think I might go back in tonight to get some more orange put in though; it's just not the right shade.

After the salon, I headed home and got all dolled up. Then off to the Soap Factory where we went on a haunted tour. Although, I was not scared I thought the art direction was done amazingly well. I wouldn't mind taking a tour of the galleries sometime also. Robin (Alan's friend) said I saved his life because I brought vodka which we mixed with Cider and Red Bull, it surprisingly enough, turned out to be a tasty treat. The best part about the haunted Soap Factory had to of been the corn maze. Dried corn plants were hanging from the ceiling and there were people hiding in the corn ready to grab whoever wanders by.

We got back to Alan's around 11pm and Danjo invited me to a sock hop. Having never been to a sock hop I graciously accepted the offer. About 50 pairs of shoes were lying by the door and sure enough everyone was dancing in their socks. I had never seen anything like it. I tore it up on the dance floor with Mandy and Kirsti. Those girls are fabulous and fun.

Saturday I had to work for 7 hours but it was a relaxing shift; not many people know we are open on Saturdays. I stopped by Alan's after work and hung out over at his place till about 8pm. We watched the rest of Jackie Brown which I loved by the way.

Finally I got to wear my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dress. I looked amazing. I just wish someone would have taken a picture. My hair and clothing were perfect. I loved it. I looked like a little girl. I drank entirely too much at the Carnival party. Apparently, I fell over outside and passed out. Some girl carried me inside and I slept on the couch for quite a while. It was kind of a bummer because they have some interesting shows.

Christine drove me to Alan's after she partied it up a bit. Alan was passed out and didn't wake up but I crawled into bed next to him. He was thoroughly surprised and happy when he woke up to find me next to him. We stayed in bed till 1:30pm when I finally convinced him that it may be a good idea to eat something. When we got up Danjo was up and about so we asked if he would like to grab foods as well. He accepted our proposal and Matt came with as well. Knowing that they have drinks we decided on the Uptown Bar. We had more drinks than food, but good times were had. We got back to the home place and decided not to stop the partying. I discovered I can drink cider and so I have been drinking a fair amount of cider. I slept on Alan's shoulder for a couple of hours while the boys watched the football game.

Danjo invited us to go to the Ravonettes (his favorite band) show at the 7th Street Entry. We all went to the show. It was very chill. Alan was wasted and the bouncer babysat him by the entry way for about a half an hour. I must have gone to the bar for water a total of 3 times in my feeble attempts at sobering him up. Finally, the bouncer let him back into the club and it was just in the nick of time because the Ravonettes went on at that point. I danced a bunch and drank a bunch and had good times. We taxied home and fell asleep around 3am.

Now it is Monday and this is the most tired I have been in months.

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