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buy my stuff ^_^

 I have a bunch of Lip Service items that have just been sitting in my closet... and well Christmas is coming up and I've developed quite the addition to egl style so I think it might be time to sell some of my lippy items.  I'm going to list out what I am willing to sell... if there is any interest in items I will take pictures of those items tonight and post tomorrow. ^_^  

-Black Metal Coat, size small, $100 obo (worn out once)
-Black Metal Long Sleeve Top with cross applique, size small, $40
-Trashmouth Cutie Skirt, black/white, size small, $45
-Trashmouth Cutie Jacket, black/white, size small, $60 obo
-Lunar Dolls II Pants, black, size small, $60 obo
-Side Saddle Swingers Cowgirl Bra, size small, $25
-Side Saddle Swingers Mini Skirt, size small, $35
-Flowers of Evil Long Skirt, black, size small, $65 obo (bought off of ebay but in perfect condition)
-Flowers of Evil Bustier, black, size small, $50 obo
-Fashist Fishnet 3/4 sleeve top, Green leopard, size small, $20
-Belladonna's Boudoir Mini Skirt, amethyst/black, size small, $45 obo
-Belladonna's Boudoir Bustier, amethyst/black, size small, $40 obo
-Belladonna's Boudoir Long Sleeve top, black, size small, $45 obo
-King's Leopard Pencil skirt, leopard/red, size medium, $55 obo
-King's Leopard Bustier, leopard/red, size small, $45 obo
-King's Leopard Jacket, leopard/red, size small, $50 obo

Found a few more items while going through my closet...
-Hollywood Geisha (newest line) Mini Dress, Pink Floral, size small, $45 obo
-Hollywood Geisha Mini Skirt, Black Floral, size medium, $35 obo
-2nd to the last Whorehouse pleather Lace up top, dark red, size medium, $35 obo (worn out once)
-2nd to the Last Whorehouse Pantaloons, dark red, size small (the zipper gets stuck on this particular item and I feel if purchase you would probably want to replace it, but looking at the garment this should be done fairly easily) $35 obo
-Nasty Nun Bustier, black/white combo, size small, $35 obo
-Team Bondage Mini Dress, black/neon yellow combo, size small, $40 obo
-Requim for the Dead Waist Cincher, black velvet, size small, $65 obo (bought off of ebay but in new condition)on hold to 

lecari-Sweet Sorrows Mini Dress, black/dark green velvet, size small, $75 obo (worn out once)
-Vagabond Goths Long Gown (the one with the open back), black, size small, $100 obo (worn for new years last year)
-Brides of Paradox Long Sleeve High Neck Top, size small, $45 obo
-Stitch in Time Long Sleeve Top (the one with the asymmetrical hook and eye closure on the front), black, size small, $50 obo
-Rosary's Garden Pantaloons, light pink, size small, $55 obo (worn out once)

Thanks for looking ^_^


Black Metal Coat, size small 

Black Metal Long Sleeve Top with cross applique, size small 

Trashmouth Cutie Skirt, black/white, size small 

Trashmouth Cutie Jacket, black/white, size small

Lunar Dolls II Pants, black, size small

Belladonna's Boudoir Long Sleeve top, black, size small 

King's Leopard Bustier, leopard/red, size small



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Aug. 16th, 2008 01:34 am (UTC)
Hmm... if you still have some of this stuff, I'm deffinitly coming back to buy some stuff =D
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